Uzbekistan to abolish tourist visas for 27 countries 03.12.2016 05:45

Uzbekistan will abolish tourist visas for citizens of 15 states and citizens aged over 55 from 12 states from 1 April, 2017.

Dance festival in Khiva. (from 15th - till 17th July, 2016) 06.07.2016 17:38

RAQS SEHRI festival is to be held (from 15th - till 17th July, 2016)  in the fairy town of Uzbekistan, in Khiva.

During the festival, group of participants will demonstrate their skills, showing a variety of genres, style and character of its people.

 Khiva – museum city under the open sky, a pearl of world culture. Having been in Khiva, You feel that you got in the world of fairy tales – 1001 night.

Uzbekistan Airways launches new Tashkent - Voronezh - Tashkent route. 13.05.2016 07:30



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