About us

A licenced travel agency BEK-TOUR has been operating in local tourism market since 2004. Since that time we have gathered a reliable and experienced team.  The purpose of the travel agency is to provide a wide range of travel services for staying in Uzbekistan and neighbouring countries for individuals and group travelers.

We invite you to visit Uzbekistan and other Central Asian countries, to feel and be a part of its culture, people, history and religions. Our tour programs inspire the customers to explore more in an authentic way about culture, traditional like of people and their special oriental hospitality for bringing peoples closer together.

Accommodation, tours, transports – we are happy to provide you with anything you require for your travels.  No matter how extraordinary your request might be! From a luxury hotel to a guesthouse, from small to first-class restaurants – you will get the best without doubt.

Our experienced, well-trained staff can answer your questions, give you more information and help you plan your trip. So do not hesitate, we are happy to assist you with your trip to Uzbekistan and Central Asia.

Once again, welcome to Uzbekistan and Central Asia – explore the fantastic countries with us !