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Central Asia is one of the world's most exotic destinations and one of the most photogenic. Discover the very heart of Central Asia and its historical cradle of culture with tours to Uzbekistan. Ecotourism opportunities of the Nurata mountains, where visitors experience everyday life of locals and enjoy virgin nature, add value to Uzbekistan sustainable tourism development.

Aral Sea Discovery
For those who are looking for extraordinary feelings remote Karakalpakstan with disappearing Aral Sea, cemetery of ships would be a lifetime experience.
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Cycling adventures on the Silk Road
Traveling to Uzbekistan is a discovery of the legendary cities of the Great Silk Road. This mythical route, an ancient network of commercial routes, counted as important steps the historical cities: Samarkand the majestic, Bukhara the holy and Khiva the city with a thousand domes... You make an adventurous tour by bus and by bike
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