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Hazrat Hyzr - the patron saint of travellers

Samarkand has always been a place where real events are interlaced with myths and legends, and where historical personalities acquire some traits of fairy-tale characters. This is the city where civilizations met and interacted. By enriching each other, they were creating a precious amalgamation. The ancient cults evolved under the influence of new cultural trends and imbibed the most significant and impressive elements of different traditions, thus bringing together the seemingly distant worlds.

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Traditional fabrics occupy a special place among popular tourist attractions of Uzbekistan.

Many archeological evidences prove the textile art to have been known here long before the Common Era. Ancient cities of Central Asia, through which the Great Silk Road used to run, were always famous for the manufacture of exquisite textiles. The development of sericulture was instrumental in the process. Uzbek fabrics are notable for their unique patterns formed either by alternating color stripes or by iridescent free designs {adras, khan-atlas}.

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