What is the best time to visit Uzbekistan?

Spring (April - June) and Fall (September - October) are generally the most pleasant seasons to travel, when the weather is mild and the temperature is about 20 – 30°C, is the best time to go sightseeing in Uzbekistan. Fall is harvest time, and the markets are full of fresh fruits. Summer (July and August) is the top time for trekking, as it is almost dry. It is best to discover mountain areas of Uzbekistan in winter and summer seasons.

What is the voltage in Uzbekistan?

Frequency: 50 Hz. 220 volts AC, 50 Am. Standard two-pin plugs and sockets. The voltage is 220 V. In order to use 110/120-Voltage devices in places where there is only a 220/240V power you need to use step-down voltage converter or a combination converter.Buying a converter, you need to proceed from your appliance's wattage and circuitry.

Is it safe in the streets?

Tashkent is one of the safest cities in the world, with one of the best security and police networks functioning at all times. It is safe to walk in the streets. The local police are very friendly, especially to tourists, and are always happy to give you directions, in case you have lost your way. People are peaceful and hospitable. However, it is not advisable to stroll about the dark streets in the night alone.

What is the national currency?
National currency is soum. 1 soum = 100 tiyin (cents). Sums come in banknote denominations of 100, 200, 500 and 1.000. Coins are rarely used even they are exist.

Can I bring my credit cards accepted to Uzbekistan?

Credit cards VISA, MASTER CARD are acceptable in major banks, hotels, stores and restaurants (In Tashkent). In country cities, most used cash payments. Bring enough cash (preferably US Dollars or Euro) for your everyday expenses. Most banks, where you may withdraw cash serve only Visa Cards, as Master card is served only in Asaka Bank.

Where are the checkpoints in the Republic of Uzbekistan ?

To get on the territory of Uzbekistan, you can use the air-transport route, train, bus or cross the border through the checkpoint. There are some checkpoints in Uzbekistan: (Alat-road transport, Dustlik- road transport, Yallama-road transport, Shavat-road transport, Karakalpakiya-road transport, Oibek-road-transport, Chernyaevka-pedestrian and others).

-International checkpoint of Uzbekistan with the Republic of Kyrgyzstan-"Dustlik-road transport" works from 08.00 am to 20.00 pm in summer and from 08.00 am to 18.00 pm in winter.

-Checkpoint “Drujba-road transport” on the board with the Republic of Turkmenistan runs from 09.00 am to 18.00 pm.

-Checkpoint “Yallama-road transport” on the board with the Republic of Kazakhstan works all day and night. Here you are expected a taxi driver who will take you to the nearest metro station. It takes one hour to get to Tashkent.

-Checkpoint “Chernyaevka” (Gisht-Kuprik) – pedestrian on the board with the Republic of Kazakhstan works all day and night.

Is it safe to drink tap water?

Drinking tap water is not recommended, but you can use the boiled water. The mineral water in the plastic bottles is sold in the hotels, restaurants and shops, or there are special capacities with cleaned water.

How much money should I bring with myself?

According to the law, you are allowed to bring up to 5.000 USD with you to Uzbekistan. In case you bring more than 5.000 USD, you have to fill in a special declaration form. If the amount 10.000 USD, you shall be charged a 1% duty on it. However, this amount will have to be declared via your customs declaration form.

Which restaurants, cafes or teahouses you recommend?

In Uzbekistan, cities there are lots of private restaurants to suit every taste. Almost every street has a chaykhana (cafe) or a teahouse. Below there is a list of recommendable restaurants, food quality and service level of which are most suited to tastes of tourists.

In Tashkent – restaurants as Jumanji, Manas, City Grill, Afsona, Caravan, Italiano Vero.

In Samarkand – Astoria, Dastarkhan, Karimbek, Platan, Registan cafe, Old Arba, Zlata Praga

In Bukhara – Bella Italia, Doston-Khauz, Caravan, Olmos, Suzanne Art in the house-museum of Fayzulla Khodjaev.

In Khiva – Khorezm Art cafe in the Alakulikhan Madrassah, Asia Khiva Hotel’s restaurant, cafe of Zarafshan-opa, Malika Kheivak Hotel’s restaurant, National house Zaynab, Malika Khiva Hotel’s restaurant.

Any mobile company operating in Uzbekistan?

There are four main operators of mobile communication in Uzbekistan. They are: 

Ucell (trade mark of JV LLC “Coscom”)
Beeline-Uzbekistan (VimpelCom Ltd. Group)
Perfectum Mobile

Should I carry my passport while moving around the city?

It is possible to walk around the city without the passport, but it would be better to have it with you. You should have the permanent registration also.  While walking outside the hotel, especially at night, the police may have the authority to check your passport, which is regular happening but not a cause for problem.

Where I should apply in case I might have health problem?

If you feel unwell or become ill, you can address the reception and use the medical insurance policy.
You can obtain the medical insurance in your home country, being sure with your insurance agent that it will be active in Uzbekistan.

Fire safety -101
Police - 102
First aid - 103
Gas service  - 104

You may also call MDS-SERVIS (Tel: [+99871] 140 00 80; 080) or DOKTOR-SERVIS (Tel: [+998 71] 277 00 00, 288 50 00, 120 77 31, 003), and other private cervices of first aid.  

Should I fill custom declaration form, is it necessary?

On arrival in the Republic of Uzbekistan, tourists must fill in customs declaration forms (Form T6). They must be filled, even if you think you have nothing to declare. Customs Declaration Form (2 copies) will be provided to you on board by the cabin crew before landing or you will be able to collect them at the waiting area before the customs control counter in the one of Uzbekistan's International Airport - the point of your arrival. You have to write down in the Form all required passport details and that is the most important to fill in the exact amounts of all the foreign currencies which are available with you.

What is the climate in Uzbekistan? Will it fit me?

Climate in Uzbekistan is sharply continental, it varies from dry and arid, with warm summers and cool winters in the west to moderate rainfall, with temperature summers and bitterly cold winters in the east. Temperature in Uzbekistan ranges during the year, from +40+45 C in summer (July and August) and -20 C in the middle of winter (January and February). Humidity is low. The most favorable time for travel - from March until July and from September till November. At this time air, temperature keeps on a comfortable mark of +20+30 degrees, deposits are short-term. Also in summer and winter months there is a set of the pleasant features for travel across Uzbekistan.

I want to rent a car in Uzbekistan, what are the requirements?
International Permit required. Minimum age is 18 years. Drive on the right. Speed limits 50-70 km/h in urban areas, 90 km/h on highways. Car rent with driver is widely offered rather than without driver.

Is it allowed to take a photo and/or shoot video of sights?

You are allowed to take photographs / shoot video anywhere you like; at tourist attractions a nominal fee is charged. In these places, they also have professional photographers who can take group or solo photographs for a small fee. Meanwhile taking a photo is strictly prohibited in the Tashkent Underground (Metro) because of security purposes. They may, at their discretion, either give you a warning or simply confiscate your camera or cell phone. If you wish to take photographs of local people, it is normally advisable to ask them beforehand.

Do I need to be registered when I arrive in Uzbekistan?

According to local law, you must be registered within 72 hours of your arrival in Uzbekistan; if you happen to depart within that time period, you are free from registration requirements. When you check into your hotel, your passport will be taken for a limited time and you will be provided with a registration card (free of charge), which you must keep with you at all times and must not lose, as the local authorities may ask you for this at anytime, and most importantly when you depart for your destination, at the airport.

What religion is in Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan – the multi religious country in which toleration is the dearest virtue. The great bulk of believers practices Islam 88%. Many Christians (orthodox), a diocese of the Bishop Tashkent and Central Asian Vladimir are located in Tashkent, and as one of the most beautiful orthodox temples in the Central Asia. There is a majestic Catholic church in which often take place organ music concerts. There is a set of synagogues, Buddhist temples and other meeting-houses.