The first architectural atlas of Bukhara was published

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The first architectural atlas of Bukhara was published 31.03.2016 02:07

Knauf Uzbekistan in collaboration with the famous Uzbek archaeologist Elizabeth candidate of archaeological sciences, Elizaveta Nekrasova, has introduced "Bukhara Architectural Alas".

On March, 30 Museum of Applied Arts of Uzbekistan became a venue for presentation of a guide to the sights of Bukhara ­– one of the oldest cities in the world. "Bukhara Architectural Atlas" was compiled by Elizavetta Nekrasova, archeologist of Tashkent Institute of Restoration, who dedicated all her life to study of history and archeology of Uzbekistan, in particular, of Bukhara. The publication is intended for a wide audience - from tourists to professionals in the field of architecture of the ancient city.

The unique guide is the only publication embodied the result of painstaking work of cartographers, artists, and talented photographers.

The atlas presents near twenty historic buildings appeared in the beginning of XIV - the end of the XX centuries. The publication also describes how much attention is paid to the each building today, and what monumental work is done in order to preserve the pristine beauty of the creatures of the great architects of the past.

"Bukhara – is an incredible architectural rage of styles, a wonderful combination of pomposity and asceticism, a mixture of a wide variety of buildings. And Knauf’s support in publication of the guide – is another small contribution of our company in strengthening of friendship and cooperation with Uzbekistan,"- co-owner of the company, Nikolaus Knauf, said.

"Due to its geographic location Bukhara became a part of the Great Silk Road, and therefore – the center of inception and development of trade relations, exchange of experience in various directions.

Today there are modern construction projects which are an integral part of the city life. Their construction was carried out in cooperation with Knauf, which offers a new perspective for construction of the facilities contributing to construction industry of the country"- the famous Bukhara architector, Zoirsho Klichev, said.

Knauf Uzbekistan acted as the exclusive sponsor of the atlas, as it believes that such activities are important for preserving and developing perception of architecture as art.



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