Travel to Central Asia is a fascinating journey into the ancient past of human civilization. On any tour of Central Asia, travelers will discover breath-takingly beautiful architecture, historical exhibits, and thrilling archeological finds. All of this attests to the fact that the history of Central Asia is truly ancient, reaching back at least twenty - five centuries.

Tourists will discover that in Central Asia there is a climate to suit all tastes. Here you will find winding rivers, vast valleys, tall mountain ranges, great deserts, and tropical regions. There are also vast areas of grassy, treeless steppes.

Nowhere else on earth can you find the same invigorating contrasts of ancient with contemporary; Only in Central Asia can one discover and revel in extremes such as lush tropical regions, frozen landscapes, high mountain ranges and sweet irrigated valleys, and the dry, isolated beauty of the great deserts. Travel to Central Asia provides visitors with a land rich in history and tradition, lovely natural environmental delights, stunning archeology, and so many surprises in terms of contrasts that there is never a dull moment on any tour to Central Asia. Central Asia offers the traveler an exciting window into the past, as well as a singularly unique and thrilling travel experience.

Central Asia is, in modern context, comprised of the following five independent republics: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan. There are over one hundred different ethnic groups among the population, the largest of which is the Uzbeks. Besides numbering over twenty seven million in Uzbekistan, the Uzbeks also make up a substantial minority in the other four Countries of Central Asia. Other ethnic groups include Tibetan, German, Russian and Korean. There are a great many mosques, monuments and museums for the tourist to explore. On your tour you will discover a very unique and fascinating cultural and historical world.