Ashgabat, UNESCO, Karakum and the East

 10 D / 9 N program

The programs we prepared for you here reflect just a small sample of the most popular programs requested by travelers in the past. They can easily be tailor-made to fit your wishes and interests, the level of comfort you wish during your trip, and the amount of time available to you. All programs can also easily be adjusted to travelers coming from or going to the neighboring countries of Uzbekistan, Iran, Kazakhstan or Azerbaijan. 

Days Itinerary Program Transports Accommodation

1 Ashghabad City tour, including a visit of Nissa (UNESCO) and the National Museum. Regular Hotel various categories (3-4-5*)

2 Ashghabad - Mary Transfer to Mary (long drive, approx.. 7 hours), with visits of Anau, Abiverd, depe and Nodir Shah on the way. Upon arrival in Mary, there is opportunity to visit the town center and Central Bazaar. Regular Hotel various categories (3*)

3 Mary Trip by jeep into the Karakum Desert (1,5 hours), for a visit to the Bronze Age vations of Gonur Depe. Upon return, visit the Mary History and Ethnography Museum. 4 x 4 Camping

4 Murza - Turkmenabad Morning visit of Talkhatan Baba Mosque and Ahun Baba Madrassa remains. Afternoon sfer to Turkmenabad with a visit of Merw (UNESCO) on the way. 4 x 4 Camping

5 Turkmenabad - Kugitang Transfer to Koyten village in the Kugitang Mountains (long drive: approx. 8 hours), a visit of Astana Baba and Alamberdar Mausoleum Complex on the way. Dinner and overnight at the base lodget. 4 x 4 Base lodge

6 Kugitang Day trip into the Kugitang Mountains, with visits of the famous Dinosaur Plateau, the r Dere Gorge and the Kyrk Kyz pilgrim cave. Dinner and overnight at the base lodge. 4 x 4 Base lodge

7 Kugitang - Turkmenabad Transfer back to Turkmenabad, with stop at Kainar Baba sulphur spring. 4 x 4 Hotel various categories (3-4-5*)

8 Turkmenabad - Dashoguz Transfer along the Amu Darya River to Dashoguz, with a visit of Daya Hatyn vanserai remains on the way (long drive, approx. 8 hours). 4 x 4 Hotel various categories (3-4-5*)

9 Dashoguz - Derwaza Morning visit to Kunya Urgench (UNESCO). Afternoon transfer through the Karakum Desert arwaza. Set up camp. Camp dinner and overnight in tents. 4 x 4 Camping

10 Derwaza - Ashgabad Morning transfer to Ashgabat. Afternoon to be spend as requested. 4 x 4 Camping or pilgrim site

* Also for travelers with special interest in horse riding, walking or biking, archeology, geology or bird watching, we have various samples available.