Public Transport

In all major cities of the country represented by a centralized public transport.

Tashkent has regularly scheduled bus, tram and trolley service. Buses also provide connections with all the cities and major towns in Uzbekistan and are inexpensive and fairly reliable.

Uzbekistan has a reasonable road network, with traffic driving on the right. 

Taxis and cars for hire are readily available in all cities and major towns. Although it is safer to use only officially marked taxis, many are unlicensed. It is advised to agree a fare in advance and not to share a taxi with strangers.

If you plan to travel outside Tashkent on business or leisure tours, there are a number of options to pursue. Uzbekistan Airways (HY) flies to all major towns and cities in Uzbekistan on a regular basis. Destinations include Tashkent, Samarkand, Navoi, Nukus, Karshi, Termez, Andijan and Namangan. Tickets can be bought at the Uzbekistan Airways (HY) ticket agency or at the domestic departure terminal of the airport (located in a separate building from the international terminal).


There is a network of railways connecting Bukhara, Samarkand, Termez, Fergana Valley and Nukus. There are two railway stations in Tashkent - North and South. Uzbekistan Railways provides a reliable way to travel. You can buy the tickets at the railway station. 

"Registon" and "Sharq": The "Registon" brings you from Tashkent in 3h30min to Samarkand, and the "Sharq" makes a 600-km-journey Tashkent - Bukhara (with intermediate stop in Samarkand) in about 6.5 hours.

A daily overnight train from Tashkent to Bukhara offers the possibility to travel during the night and win one day. Comfortable sleeping cars allow a good sleep.

Overnight trains also run from Tashkent and Samarkand to Urgench (3 times weekly) and to Nukus - Kungrad (2 times weekly). It is also possible to travel to Khiva (30 kilometers from Urgench, taxi/bus available) or to the Aral lake (Moynaq, 70 km from Kungrad) by train.

Tashkent metro

     The building of the metropolitan has started on 25th of July in 1972. The first site of The Tashkent Metropolitan in length is about 12 km, with 9 stations (from the station “Sabir Rakhimov” till station “The square of revolution” now it is a station named after Amir Temur), complex of  electro depot “Chilanzar” and “ The House of connection”, was put into operation on the 6th of November 1977.
     In August 1980 was put into operation the 2nd site of The Chilanzar line length more than 4 km with 3 stations (from the station “Square of revolution” till station “Maksim Gorkiy”, now it is “Great Silk Road” station). With the putting of operation of the second site the building of “Chilanzar” line was finished (12 stations and length is about 16 km).
     26th of November was put into operation the first site of The Uzbekistan line (more than 5 km, 5 stations; from the station “Alisher Navoi” till station “Tashkent”) connecting the centre of the city with the railway station.
     The second site was put into operation in November in 1987 (length 3 km, 2 stations; from station “Tashkent” till station “Chkalov”).
     2stations: from station “Alisher Navoi till station “Chorsu” was put in operation in November 1989.
     The fourth turn was put into operation in April 1991(length is about 4 km with 2 stations: from “Chorsu” till station “Beruni”). The Uzbekistan line with the total length is more 14km, is included 11 stations and the complex of electro depot “Uzbekistan”.
     In October 2001 the first line of the Yunusabad line with 6 stations, length 7,6 km from station “Ming Urik” till station “Habib Abdullaev”. The peculiarity of this station is that its stations link up all three lines of the metro.
     The Chilanzar is the busier of the two lines, and at rush hour, trains come and go every two minutes. The metro is open between 5:00 a.m. and midnight. At night, one can wait up to ten minutes for a train, but no longer than that.