Central Asia

Central Asia is a region of Asia from the Caspian Sea in the west to central China in the east, and from southern Russia in the north to northern India in the south. Central Asia—an ancient country, an enormous land full of nature's contrasts. Desert sands stretching for vast distances, orchards and vineyards, snow-capped mountain summits and green valleys. Age-old cities with magnificent masterpieces of architecture are continuing to grow and develop.

Central Asia is fairly vase region with an access to the sea, which allows establishing strong economic relationship with other countries. Currently Central Asia consist of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. Other areas are often included such as Mongolia, Afghanistan, northern-Pakistan, north-eastern Iran, north-western India, and western parts of the People's Republic of China such as Xinjiang. South-western and middle China such as Tibet Autonomous Region, Qinghai, Gansu and Inner Mongolia, and southern parts of Siberia may also be included in Central Asia.

General indications for these countries is the presence of deserts, rather warm climate, a wealth of mineral and energy resources, the presence of multiple sightseeing places. The main representatives of the desert areas are the Kara-Kum and Kyzyl Kum, occupying a decent area. The climate in countries of Central Asia is continental. Sharp changes in temperature is observed as well.

Since the twentieth century, Central (average) Asia becomes the center of all sorts of discoveries of historical values ​​of cultural monuments belonging to the ancient and early medieval times. Archaeologists have dug up more than once palaces, craft shops, temples, feudal castles and other monuments of past generations. The list of such historical treasures of enormous: Toprak-kala and Old Nisa, Khalchayan and Dalverzin, Kara Tepe and Fayaz-Tepe, Couva and Ak-Beshim and others are refreshing the list will be the work of many archeologists.

The countries of Central Asia are rich not only tourist zones, but also its history that deserves attention and respect.

Nowadays the Great Silk Road is considerably awaking interest of people, thus it has a good potential for tourism development. A special place among the attractions of the countries of Central Asia have religious monuments: temples, mosques and churches. Namely, pilgrims of almost all religions of the world are guiding here. The capitals fascinate tourists for its cleanliness, tidiness, and respect of citizens with each other.